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Digital Marketers' Guide To Content Writing Styles

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It's our base at Raven Tools because of its ability to drive organic traffic. Users rely on several different search engines to find answers. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the big three you'll hear about the most. But make no mistake, hidden competitors exist. DuckDuckGo, and even AOL still maintain an active user base who searches every day. If you can create content that attracts search engines, you can reach your target audience. This visibility will bring you residual traffic as long as you stay at the top of the search rankings. What Makes SEO Content Special? SEO content is the only form of content marketing where your audience is actively looking for your solution. If we compare this to fishing, you are throwing bait at hungry fish that are looking for a worm, while other types of content are trying to attract fish that are not looking for a meal but might be feeling gluttonous. right now. Check out this article on Writing SEO Content to Get It Right. Content of influence If all of your friends and coworkers are talking about how good a movie is, are you more likely to watch it? What if everyone said the movie was bad? You would probably skip it, right? Now take that level of influence and apply it to someone with a large, dedicated audience. Not only that, but their audience just happens to be your target audience. Imagine how powerful a connection could be for you. Getting the right influencer to endorse your product or service could catapult you to the top of your industry.

Here are a few ways to do it: Invite influencers to conduct in-depth interviews on your platform Network with them organically and become friends If you have a physical product, surprise them with a gift in the mail and have them shout it out on Instagram Pay influencers for sponsored articles on blogs and podcasts You can also pay them for screams on platforms like Instagram or their blogs and podcasts. Do them and watch your brand's presence grow rapidly. Email content Email content is one of the most debated styles of content right now. Many digital marketers will say email is dead, but statistics prove it is not at all. There are currently 3.7 billion email users Phone Number List worldwide, almost double the user base of Facebook. And users send over 260 billion emails per day. Still, think email is dead? The truth is, email is a unique animal in the marketing game. It is inundated with spam. This makes the competition thick and the user base more skeptical. But if you can build a relationship with your list, you can have a successful and lucrative email presence. Social content Unlike emails, social media platforms have a wide variety of users who tend to like to be sold, as long as they are targeted. People use social media to stay connected not only with their loved ones, but also with their favorite brands and influencers. Social content is generally much shorter. You can post a single 140-character Tweet that gains reach with retweets.

You can even post a photo of your product on Instagram with a short caption and users will scramble to buy it. The key is to remember the keyword for social content: "social". The content might be shorter, but it's twice as important to replace content length with conversations. Ask questions, give advice, joke and play with your audience. It's an online space to spend quality time and bond as well as a space to get your message across. So, be sure to engage with your followers and build relationships. This is what social media is for. Writing viral content You probably know that viral content is gaining wide reach on the internet in no time. This is because it generates a huge amount of buzz and shares. From cat videos to provocative advertisements like Nike's collaboration with Colin Kaepernick, there is no shortage of viral content on the internet. With that, you would think that viral content started with the internet, but even the Bible proves it doesn't. Yet before the World Wide Web, TV ads were the only form of viral content used by marketers. Once video marketing hit the web, digital marketers realized they could do better. Now you can reach a global audience with a tenth of the budget. It didn't take marketers long to take to the digital streets to answer a question.
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